The mission plan

If you’re looking for insight, tips and guides to help you make money online, you’re in the right place.

Playboy Cartel is a joint project to share our knowledge of crypto trading and making a living with online skills. You won’t find any tired ol’ BS here, or re-hashed content from somewhere else.


Our goal is to bring you the real deal, plain English and actionable gameplan so you cake make the big bucks and give zero fucks.

If you haven’t bookmarked us, you totally should.

Who are you guys?

Oli is a content strategist and freelance marketer who has been upping his crypto and investment skills since about 2017.

The other guy (let’s call him Joe Black for now), is a successful full time crypto trader since about 2016.

Both of us have plenty of experience in making money, losing money, trying random things and fucking them up, and pretty much coming good at the other end.

In short, we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to. (That’s the theory anyways).

Can I trust your advice?

We’re not financial advisors. But we do know a thing or two abou crypto trading and money making online.

We will NEVER tell you that you should do this or miss out, or buy that coin to 100x your profits or whatever. You’ll find a million of those accounts on Crypto Twitter. Go follow some guy with a Lambo for a profile pic if that’s what you want.

Our goal is to help you find ways to make a good income and not have to worry about money ever again.

We ain’t promising millions, but if you’re looking for REAL and actionable advice that isn’t absolute shit then check us out.

How do you make your money then?

Both of us are successful freelancers in our own field, and crypto is just another revenue stream. However, it is a super exciting time for the industry right now and we wanted to offer our own advice and – maybe – make some money too.

Yes, this site does feature affiliate links (which are all stated obviously). If you click our links then we make a little bit of commission and you get a great deal.

We will not be promoting any products that we don’t believe in.

Sounds good…

Welcome aboard fellow Playboy (or Playgirl – we’re inclusive here!).

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