Want to earn free crypto? Heres how...

How & Where To Earn Free Crypto

You don’t ever get something for nothing, right? Well, actually, you can definitely get some free crypto, believe it or not.

Is this going to be life changing? Well, it depends. There are a number of platforms that will pay you free crypto in exchange for learning or watching ads. And if you hold any crypto then there is a great opportunity to earn some solid interest on it by staking. These staking rewards can be quite significant too.

OK enough pre-amble… Where can you get your free crypto?


It’s one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for a reason. And… They give away free crypto too!

Yup. You can pick up free XTZ (Tezos), FET (Fetch.Ai), CLV (Clover Finance), GRT (The Graph), AMP, XLM (Stellar lumens) and COMP (Compound) on Coinbase


Easy. You sign up for Coinbase, go to the ‘Learn & Earn’ section and watch the short videos. You then answer a couple of really easy questions and, bam, free crypto.

Granted, it’s not the sort of money that will earn you a Lambo anytime soon. Or, for that matter, pay you a residual income. But it’s a good start and it is free money!

Also… If you sign up with my personal referral link here, you’ll get $10 free when you deposit at least $100. Easy money.

Brave Browser

If you don’t already use Brave for browsing the internet then we strongly recommend it. Why?

Firstly, Brave is privacy first so there is a built in ad-blocker, no third party cookies and it maintains a high level of security.

Second, Brave allows you to earn free Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for simply clicking on ads. Seeing as you’re already browsing the internet, why not get paid for everytime you see a pop-up ad?

Again, it’s not a life changing amount. But you can easily earn 1-2 BAT a month, which, at current rates, is about $1.50. If that sounds pretty low, ask yourself how much Facebook or Google pay you to view their ads?

Also, this accumulates over the months, so you can build a nice pot of BAT over time. And who knows how much BAT might be worth one day?

Online gaming

Games are big business. And increasingly, game developers are building their platforms with rewards and inventory in crypto. This means that you can effectively earn free crypto for simply playing a game.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you’re already a gamer, you can put this to the test with games such as Coin Hunt World. Now, I’ve never played any of these crypto earning games, but I’ve heard reports of people making $20-100 a week by playing them.

You probably have to put in a few hours to make the top end of that money, but if you’re already playing, why not monetise it?

Games like Axie Infinity actually require that you deposit a fairly large sum of money to start playing (over $600), but you can also make money back.

There are actually tons of crypto games. We’ll drop a full article on this in the future…


So this is the best way to make free crypto. Staking is the crypto term for earning interest on your idle assets by putting them in an investment account – aka a staking account.

You can stake your idle currency on pretty much all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, FTX Pro and even Crypto.com. You usually need to move your tokens to the staking area, or choose to lock your coin into fixed or flexible staking. The locked, or fixed, is usually where the money is.

You’ll earn anything from 0.5% per year, up to a solid 6% with Binance staking. Better than you’ll get in the bank thats for sure.

However, there are different types of staking (which, again, we’ll look at soon). Some of which are more high risk but high return.

We also like Nexo, which gives you an easy 8% on idle assets including XRP, BTC, ETH and more. In fact, you can even earn up to 12% interest on fiat currencies like Euros, Pounds, US Dollars and more. Yup! 12%. Try getting that from your bank…


So we mentioned Nexo, in the segment above. But BlockFi takes things a step further for those looking to earn free crypto.

Yes, you can stake your idle cryptocurrency and earn up to 7.5% APY. Again, wayyy better than your bank.

But BlockFi takes it next level and gives you cashback in crypto for purchases made with their card. You’ll earn up to 3.5% back up to $100 worth of BTC for the first 90 days of card ownership. But, if you’re planning on some big purchases anyway, why not take advantage and make some Bitcoin too?

You can also use BlockFi to buy and sell crypto, in a similar style to Coinbase.

We highly recommend signing up for a BlockFi account if you want to take advantage of some opportunities for free crypto.


Aiming to give cryptocurrency some real world usage, Crypto.com do this by making it easy to pay with your crypto wallet. They do this by allowing you to earn free crypto, as cashback on purchases made using their crypto pay system.

It’s actually pretty cool, and a nice touch if you’re buying crypto based products. For example, Unstoppable Domains accepts Crypto Pay.

The cashback is actually earned in the form of CRO coins. So yes, you earn free crypto with each transaction.

Crypto.com also offer some very cool looking Visa cards which allow you to spend directly from your account. You’ll need to hold CRO tokens for 180 days to be elegible for the cards that offer rewards, such as money back on Netflix and Spotify. But even the basic Crypto Visa card gives you 1% back on purchases, meaning free crypto just for buying stuff.

Good shout right!

Use my personal referral link and we both cop a free $25 when you sign up.



That’s the sound of your free crypto…

Airdrops are a great way to get some free crypto, but what is an airdrop? And how do you get one?

An airdrop is usually a way to reward holders of certain crypto coins. There is normally an announcement that holders of X, Y or Z coin will receive an airdrop based on the volume of coins you are holding. You’ll usually need to be holding the specified coin on a particular date, and the airdrop can be anything from days to months later.

Check out Airdrops.io for the insider scoop on upcoming aidrops so you can grab a bag of whatever.

Free meme coins

Banano is a banana based meme crypto coin, and members pretty much give BAN away for free. Check out their website and their Reddit group. It’s all very funny.

The downside is that Banano isn’t really worth anything, it’s just a bit of fun. And there is only one exchange that actually allows you to trade Banano (I think it’s Coinex).

Oh and the also do airdrops daily…. Gotta be in it to win it!

Get involved with the monkeys at Banano.

Earn more free crypto?

Want to make more money for your crypto? The best way to make money with crypto is….. Holding it.

Yes, HODL or holding, is probably the best way to watch your bank balance climb without doing anything. The problem of course is that crypto currency is notoriously volatile. So you can see your profit climb one day, and the next day i could be way down.

The best way to overcome this is simply to buy your crypto, whack it in a staking account like Blockfi or Nexo, and get on with your life.

Of course, you can also dig into our super useful insights for financial freedom here at Playboy Cartel.

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