How to make sense of investment options in 2021

Understanding Finance & Investments in 2021

Not so long ago the thought of someone stashing their cash under their mattress was laughable. Nowadays, with inflation on the rise, savings accounts yields at below 0.5% APY and traditional banks doing their best to restrict access to your own funds, it doesn’t seem such a bad idea anymore.

The downside to having your money under your mattress (or more likely in a personal safe) is that it is decreasing the longer you leave it. 

You could argue that you are a good little saver and have been increasing that stash by a decent percentage per annum.

The problem is that in order to beat inflation the percentage you save has to increase yearly. Which is hard to achieve if the price of living is increasing.

So the only way to manage this is to make your savings work for you.

The traditional investment options

Historically the first port of call has been high yield savings accounts such as CD’s.

Sadly these type of products are offering very little in the way of returns even though you have to commit to locking your funds up for a certain amount of time.

Another popular investment tool has been cash ISA’s which allow you to lock away a certain amount of money per year, the interest of which is tax free for as long as you hold that ISA.

However, cash ISA’s are offering the same low yields as CD’s (roughly 0.5% APY at best) which may be suitable for a small portion of your portfolio but for the lion’s share you should be looking towards something more rewarding.

Other traditional investment options include stocks and shares ISA’s, Funds, Investment Trusts, ETF’s, VCT’s and Bonds.

All of these are viable ways to vary your portfolio and more importantly put your money to work. We will provide an introduction to all of these over time. However, our core interest lies in the new wave of financial products associated with cryptocurrency world. 

Alternative investment options

Playboy Cartel has been created to help you explore the world of, what we like to call, alternative banking and investing. We believe that your savings have been benefiting and ultimately enriching the traditional banking sector for far too long without sufficiently rewarding you, this needs to stop. 

Throughout this website we’ll take you through the ins and outs of a variety of alternative products and tactics that will help you create a plan to really make your finances work for you in the long term. 

Companies such as Nexo and are offering as much as 12-14% interest on your savings with both fixed term and flexible options available. These are the simpler starter options with little to no work (other than researching the products and reading the terms and conditions) needed on your part. 

As you can see the rewards are significantly higher than the traditional sector and the options don’t stop there. As you delve down the rabbit hole and increase your risk exposure the rewards increase further.

We’ll touch on Staking, Yield Farming, Trading, long term crypto investments, seed funding, crypto funds and trusts among other many other investments.

We’re not advising completely against the traditional products that are available, our aim is merely to offer you alternatives. We absolutely believe you should never have all your eggs in one basket, hence why we encourage a balance of traditional and alternative products with a variety of risk exposure.

Investing is changing…

The investment and banking markets are changing and the new models are offering some incredible opportunities that you should be taking advantage of and our aim is to help you smoothly navigate this field. 

It has to be said with investments, beyond basic savings accounts, there are risks that have to be acknowledged.

There is no such thing as a risk free investment though some products do offer significantly lower risks than others. When introducing you to a new product we will always outline the risks as well as the benefits so that you can make decisions with all the information at hand.

No one should ever invest more than they are able to lose in any product regardless of how low the risk seems.  

We are not a fund and will not offer to manage your money or investments, we are merely showing you the options at hand.

We are also not financial advisors and are not offering advice on where or how you should invest your funds.

We are merely highlighting the products that are on offer. 

Some of the companies mentioned we do have affiliations with but we will always make that clear in the article.

Here at Playboy Cartel we just want to share the various tools that could enable you to increase your wealth thereby increasing your quality of life.

We believe that life is for living and the key to that is making sure your finances work for you.

With the right planning and sufficient research the future is always bright as part of the Playboy Cartel.

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